Admin Fee

Admin Fee

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  • Upon purchasing any monthly membership on our website and arriving at the gym you will entered into a direct debit mandate which will continue for a minimum of a year. (Excluding 1 month or 6 month payment)
  • You must visit GymVision within 30 days of this purchase in order to access the gym (you must bring a valid form of identity with you to validate your membership type if this applicable).
  • This fee is non-refundable, and if the 30 days have passed since the date of purchase you will need to purchase this again.
  • Corporate Membership: This is for all local businesses that GymVision define as local: *Cardiff Gate Business Park. * St Melons Business Park. *Pentwyn Business Parks. We withhold the right to define a local business in relation to our own.
  • Student/Corporate Memberships: ID is required when collecting your membership card.
  • Short term memberships do not include a free PT session.
  • The prowler and functional section at the top of the gym will always have priority with the bootcamp class during class times.
I consent to providing these details to Gymvision